Natural History - Limbdi

If you can tear yourself away from these delightful goings-on, we will take you to explore LIMBDI a quiet, old world town dominated by the fragrant “limda” or neem trees which gives it it’s name. Maharaj Jaswant Sinhji Bapu, who developed Limbdi town was one of the first Indian Prince from Saurashtra to meet the Queen Victoria at age of 17 years. The young prince was very enamoured by the French Architecture and in that era got architects and equipments from France to rebuilt Limbdi, as a Township with Regency Style Architecture. He was also an educationist, who actively provided support for building schools. Even today after more than 100 years his legacy still carries on[till today Limbdi has 70% of literacy rate, much higher than national literacy rate]. He met Swami Vivekanand in 26th April, 1891 and travelled with him vastly. He was backbone for the establishment of Swami Narayan cult by providing land and protection to start and spread their teachings in Sarangpur and Gudada(which came under Limbdi state). He always believed that after independence there will be only two forces which will keep people reunited of the country - religion and education.

If you stroll down the main street lined with stately French Regency Style architecture or wander into quaint, forgotten little shops where you might find incomparable bargains in beadwork, fabrics or antique furniture, weavers making the famous Patola sarees and handicraft. You can also see the historic “Darbar Gadh” and marvel at its historic clock tower which is more than 100 years old. You can also visit the numerous old temples and the famous Kansara Bazaar(copper and brass work, made to order) which give the town it’s special flavor. For Limbdi as indeed all of Gujarat is a fine blend of Hindu, Jain and Islamic cultures, enriched by the vitality of the pastoral communities the Padhars, Bharvads, and the fisher-folk, each clinging proudly to a distinctive dress and way, of life illumined by an innate dignity and courtesy.

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